Global Network

To realize its aim to be a law firm with an international range, we have joined to EALG in order to build up an extensive network of relationships with foreign law offices.

Tan Law Firm is the exclusive member firm of the Euro-American Lawyers Group for Turkey. The EALG is an association of Law Firms founded in 1985. Members of the EALG believe that they can best serve their clients' interests overseas by co-operating with likeminded firms who have local knowledge of, and immediate access to the legal system operating in their own jurisdictions. The EALG's philosophy is that local representation is vital in today's dynamic market where both legislation and commercial practice are changing regularly at both national and international levels.

Being a member of the EALG provides us access to legal expertise and solutions worldwide. Thus we can offer advisory services to Turkish companies/individuals that are interested in expanding their operations to the international market and also to foreign companies/individuals seeking advice on Turkish Law.

For more information about EALG, please refer to ealg.com.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Please do not hesitate to contact us.