Tan Law Firm is a strong, goal-oriented law firm that combines quality legal consulting with professional expertise, wide-ranging experience, leading-edge skills, and young talent.

20+ Years of Experience

20+ Years of Experience

Tan Law Firm is one of Turkey’s premier full-service law firms. We pride ourselves on our broad range of expertise and experience.

A Future-Oriented Law Firm

A Future-Oriented Law Firm

We understand that it is more important to find solutions than problems. Our goal is to help each client reach their full potential by giving proactive and future-proof advice.



Being a member of an international law society gives us the ability to serve clients all around the world.


We have a comprehensive offering in all areas of business law and absolute cutting-edge competence in important fields of corporate, commercial and industrial life.
Corporate Law
Corporate Law
We assist Turkish and international companies with all types of corporate law issues regarding company formation and structure, as well as issues relating to ownership and corporate governance. Furthermore, we advise on all types of legal matters that arise in connection with share issues and other forms of capitalization, as well as mergers and liquidations.
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law
We have been involved in numerous real estate - construction and land development projects and represented lenders, borrowers, sellers, buyers, investors and tenants in relation to development, financing and acquisition of the premises under the respective projects. Furthermore, Tan Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice in all matters related to Land Development projects, all kinds of disposals and transfers of property, the establishment of real estate investment trusts, liens, and mortgages, commercial leasing, Landlord And Tenant Law, Leasehold Law, building permits, regulations and litigation activities for the settlement of all kinds of disputes regarding property.
Contract Law
Contract Law
We are highly specialized in providing clients with global, practical and tailor-made solutions to their day-to-day or strategic legal requirements in relation to national and international commercial contracts. We participate in the preparation, negotiation, analysis and interpretation of business contracts, irrespective of the area of activity or their legal nature.
Labor Law
Labor Law
Tan Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of labor-management relations and is dedicated to helping its clients become more proactive in all related matters to prevent legal issues before they arise. The Firm advises its clients on contracts of employment in addition to handling the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts, policies, employee benefit plans and compensation.
Our  Firm Globally

Our FirmGlobally

International Cooperation with the EURO-AMERICAN LAWYERS GROUP.

Tan Law Firm is the exclusive member firm of the Euro-American Lawyers Group for Turkey. The EALG is an association of Law Firms founded in 1985. Members of the EALG believe that they can best serve their clients' interests overseas by co-operating with likeminded firms who have local knowledge of, and immediate access to the legal system operating in their own jurisdictions. The EALG's philosophy is that local representation is vital in today's dynamic market where both legislation and commercial practice are changing regularly at both national and international levels.

Being a member of the EALG provides us access to legal expertise and solutions worldwide. Thus we can offer advisory services to Turkish companies/individuals that are interested in expanding their operations to the international market and also to foreign companies/individuals seeking advice on Turkish Law.

For more information about EALG, please refer to ealg.com.


Attorneys at Tan represent diverse corporate clients as well as individuals in a wide array of matters ranging from major transactions and complex disputes to ongoing advisory services regarding day-to-day business operations.
Baris TAN

Baris TAN

Attorney at Law
Baris Tan earned his law degree in 1997 from Ankara University School of Law. He practices international and corporate transactional law.  He has worked extensively in matters involving international investment and trade, international trade disputes, and negotiations. He is a member of the Management Committee of the Euro American Lawyers Group.
Ozlem Telek

Ozlem Telek

Attorney at Law

Ozlem Telek graduated from Istanbul Kultur University School of Law in 2005. Her service focuses on fields of law those are required in business activities. She acts as advisor to individuals and corporations, in addition to which she represents and assists her clients in negotiations and disputes in various instances. She speaks English.

Aslihan Karabeyoglu Ersoy

Aslihan Karabeyoglu Ersoy

Attorney at Law
Aslihan Karabeyoglu Ersoy graduated from Istanbul Maltepe University School of Law in 2010. She specializes in the practice of Commercial and Real Estate Law. She has a strong experience in civil and commercial litigation, representing his clients at any level of the Turkish judiciary system. She speaks English.
Albert Yuksel

Albert Yuksel

Attorney at Law

Albert Yuksel earned his law degree in 2017 from the University of Istanbul School of Law. He is an attorney concentrating his practice in the areas of commercial and business litigation. He has been providing litigation, transactional and legal consulting services and advice to businesses and individuals. He speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian.

our Clients


Our ever-growing clientele demonstrate that our expertise is appreciated. Many of our clients are also very successful and significant players in their fields.

Tan Law Firm respects the confidentiality of its clients and accordingly does not publish the names of clients it acts for as reference sites. Further, in terms of various rulings of the Law, attorneys are not permitted to refer to the name of a client in their publicity or the public media unless the consent of the client has been obtained.

Even so, our business clients include manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, utilities, financial institutions, contractors, construction companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms, retail, and service companies and we have a long history of representing entrepreneurs and families involved in privately held businesses. Our clients also include professionals, individuals, non-profit organizations, foundations, and charitable trusts.


At Tan it is in our nature to constantly refine, improve, reconsider and re-evaluate. That is why we constantly develop our service and strive to do our job even better.
Code of Professional Conduct
As a member of the Istanbul Bar Association, we are required to comply with its Code of Professional Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a regulatory framework governing the Bar Association’s ethical and professional rules. A founding principle of the Code of Conduct is that a member of the Association is obliged to represent and act in the best interests of their client within the established framework of the law.
Privacy Policy
Tan safeguards personal privacy and is thus always careful to protect personal data in an appropriate manner and to comply with all applicable regulatory frameworks governing the processing of personal data.
Professional Liability Insurance
All our lawyers are covered by professional liability insurance policies that fulfil mandatory requirements.
our benefits


Many people gravitate towards larger firms simply because they recognize the name. However, there are numerous advantages to choosing a smaller firm over their big-name competitors.

You are a Priority

Big law firms handle hundreds of clients at once - with them, you are just another case. This is not the situation with our firm. As a smaller firm, we are selective of the clients we take on, meaning if we have chosen to represent you, you can rest assured we are 100% committed to your success. We truly care for our clients.

Personalized Treatment

Though many big firms advertise their “team” of lawyers as an advantage, a single lawyer is able to take the time to know you personally and develop a deep understanding of the background of your case. Since you are not just another client in a hundred, you will receive the professional, caring, and attentive treatment you deserve from Tan Law.

Our News

News, insights, and opinions on recent developments in the Turkish legal system and in our own.
Land Registry Transactions Became More Practical
A convenience has been provided for transactions before the land registry regarding sales, donations... +
15 February 2020
Turkish Constitutional Court's Decision On Wikipedia
The Constitutional Court’s decision dated December 26, 2019 with No. 2017/22355 on Wikipedia was published... +
30 January 2020
Turkey’s New Digital Service Tax
The Law No. 7194 on Digital Service Tax and the Amendment of Certain Laws and Law Decree No. 375 was published on the Official... +
28 December 2019
 EALG’s Semi-annual Meeting in Geneva
EALG’s semi-annual meeting was held in Geneva between 24-27 October 2019. The firm Jardim Gonçalves & Associados... +
31 October 2019
EALG’S annual meeting in Vienna
The Oblin Rechtsanwalte hosted the Euro American Lawyers Group’s annual meeting in Vienna between 29 May - 2 June 2019... +
2 June 2019
Effects of declaration of Concordat to agreements
The concordat is generally included as a termination clause in most of the agreements... +
11 May 2019
Investment zones in Turkey
There are three different special investment zones in Turkey: Technology Development Zones (TDZ) are areas designed... +
19 April 2019
Rules for establishing a liaison office in Turkey
Any company incorporated under the laws of a foreign country may establish a liaison office... +
11 March 2019
Moving certain documents to electronic format / E-TUYS system
The following documents that were previously submitted in printed form to the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation... +
4 February 2019
Corporate income tax in Turkey
In case income elements specified in the Income Tax Law are derived by corporations,... +
10 January 2019
Obligation to apply for mediation in some commercial cases
Pursuant to the Article 5/A of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 (“TCC”) which was added to the... +
7 December 2018
EALG's semiannual meeting in Hamburg
The Euro-American Lawyers Group’s semi-annual meeting was held in Hamburg between ... +
11 November 2018
New restriction on foreign currency-denominated or indexed contracts
Turkey requires certain contracts between Turkish residents to be valued in Turkish Lira... +
6 October 2018
It has become easier to be a Turkish citizen
A recent regulation published in the Official Gazette on September 21, 2018 introduced... +
21 September 2018
EALG's annual meeting in Luxembourg
The Luxembourg Law Firm Moyse Bleser hosted the EALG’s annual meeting in Luxembourg between... +
4 June 2018

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