Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Many people gravitate towards larger firms simply because they recognize the name. However, there are numerous advantages to choosing a smaller firm over their big-name competitors.
You are a Priority
Big law firms handle hundreds of clients at once - with them, you are just another case. This is not the situation with our firm. As a smaller firm, we are selective of the clients we take on, meaning if we have chosen to represent you, you can rest assured we are 100% committed to your success. We truly care for our clients.
Availability & Flexibility
Need to get in touch with your lawyer after hours? With a big firm, this is most likely not possible. We are able to be more flexible with our time, since we are handling fewer clients at once. Also, because we care personally for the client, we will be more willing to that extra mile for the convenience of that client. At Tan Law Firm, we are always willing to work with your schedule.
Specialized Service
A long list of legal capabilities on the website of a big law firm may look impressive, but hiring a smaller firm that specializes in your type of case is a much wiser option. Since we handle cases similar to yours all the time, you have confidence knowing we are familiar with the ends and outs of the laws, as well as the best practices that lead to success. When it comes to legal representation, size matters. Choosing Tan Law Firm with the desire and capability to give you and your case the attention and treatment you deserve is the smart first step to take towards your success.
Personalized Treatment
Though many big firms advertise their “team” of lawyers as an advantage, a single lawyer is able to take the time to know you personally and develop a deep understanding of the background of your case. Since you are not just another client in a hundred, you will receive the professional, caring, and attentive treatment you deserve from Tan Law.
Ease of Communication
Another disadvantage to a “team” of lawyers is the potential for breakdowns in communication. This can result in misunderstandings that lead to errors and needless time expenses. With a big firm, there may also be confusion about who you should be talking to, something that never happens with a smaller firm.

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